FRANKFORT, Ky. (March 20, 2017) – Today the Kentucky Democratic Party released the following statement on President Donald Trump’s visit to Kentucky:


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Nearly two months into Trump’s presidency, we’ve seen all the stories imploring us to write, call, and fax our senators about the issues that matter most to us.

This in from Charlotte Flanary of the Kentucky Democratic Party:

We have teamed up with several groups for a protest in Louisville to let Trump know his health care plan is unacceptable.  The details are

  • Monday, March 20, 4:30pm
  • Freedom Hall
  • 937 Phillips Lane, Louisville

There will be speakers, music and lots of fellowship.

Hope to see you there.


Honorary delegate, Western Kentucky AFL-CIO Area Council

There has been a lot of turnout against Trump and the Republicans in Kentucky, most notably Mitch McConnell's town hall-type meeting in red Anderson County. Perhaps voters are beginning to realize that the majority party isn’t interested in them after all. Further proof that Republicans will say whatever it takes to get elected.

He hits a new low: 37 percent, the worst in 72 years of polling for a young presidency.

Thanks to Daniel Hurt for sharing this with us.

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By Glynis Board, Ohio Valley ReSource

Lawmakers in both Kentucky and West Virginia are working to loosen mine safety regulations, alarming some mine safety experts.