AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler and Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre were among millions of Amerians who donned special glasses to view Monday's rare total ecl


AFT Local 1360

The skies darkened right on cue at 1:22.


AFT Local 1360

When it was obvious the Senate’s “skinny repeal’” of the Affordable Health Care Act was toast, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell got grumpy, came down with the mulligrubs and slumped in his chair.

With TV cameras focused on him, my thoughts turned to a similar scene in another senate 2,080 years ago —  painted, perhaps a tad fancifully, in 1889.

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The New Kentucky Project is set to embark on a tour across the state next week, and co-founder Adam Edelen says the group hopes to reach a new crop of civic leaders “who are willing to step up” and offer innovative ideas for Kentucky’s future.

Donna Edwards for Prez in 2020 - Postal Workers Wildcat Strike in Richmond - Lipton Tea Workers Ratify Their First Contract. Click here to see the latest Payday Report. 

Last night, under the cover of darkness, Mitch McConnell tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act. But, he didn't count on you showing up. 

You made your voice heard and because of that, millions of Americans will be able to keep their healthcare. 

You kept showing up. You kept proving to them that we won’t be stopped. You kept calling, donating, and telling your stories.

Thank you for everything,


Thanks to Leslie McColgin of Four Rivers Indivisible who sent us this analysis from Daily Kos and added her warning: "As this article makes clear, while a lot of our anxiety is relieved with last night's vote, real dangers in healthcare remain.  There are still things we need to be calling and writing letters about, and they are clearly outlined in this blog by Charles Gaba, aka Brainwrap,  who has maintained a highly respected comprehensive data bank on various aspects of the ACA since its inception.  


AFT Local 1360

Brad Bowman used to cover state government and politics for the Frankfort State Journal.

The Kentucky Democratic Party’s new communications director admits it was hard for him to stay objective when union members converged on the Capitol to protest union-busting bills.

We will keep getting more of the same thing: high-end tax breaks paired with regulatory rollbacks. Policies like these won't do all that much to help the average Kentuckian.

A prominent group that has helped U.S. state governments implement conservative legislation is expanding to cities.

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By NICHOLAS RICCARDI, Associated Press

DENVER (AP) — For decades, a well-funded conservative group has helped state lawmakers across the U.S. write legislation to rein in unions, expand charter schools and lower taxes.