AFT Local 1360

Matt Bevin keeps using the word "promise," but we don’t think he knows what it means.

Kentucky State Building Trades Affiliates,

The new Republican House Majority swore-in today and made their priorities known, with the Building Trades and all of Organized Labor firmly in their crosshairs.

House Bill – 1 is the Kentucky Right-To-Work Bill. The language in the Bill is unknown at this time. Bill language should be available later tonight.

Trade Unionists, Friends and Supporters:

The Republican controlled House and Senate have introduced right to work for less, prevailing wage repeal and paycheck deception bills.  The House RTW bill is HB 1 and the Prevailing Wage repeal bill is HB 3.  The senate has also introduced SB 6 which is a paycheck deception bill.  During today’s first day of the legislature these bills were introduced and then given their first readings. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks to Ronnie Watson and Jeff Wiggins for sharing this with us.

This year will stand out for many reasons. For Rapid Response, it was defined by the tremendous work on our legislative issues by Steelworkers across the nation. Many of these efforts resulted in noteworthy gains. As we look ahead to 2017, please remember the impact we have when we come together and raise our voices! This year, you:

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks to Todd Johnson for sharing this with us. The Kentucky State AFL-CIO endorsed Yonts and Thompson.
Thanks to DeLane Adams and Todd Johnson for sharing this with us.

In the 1970s, Fred Harris invented the “new populism.” Now, with a so-called populist taking the White House, he’s aghast—and wants to reclaim the term.