(CNN) - Another special-election loss, this time in Montana, has kicked off a round of

From Politico:

“Mitch McConnell has sidestepped the Russia controversy that’s dogged Donald Trump all year and eluded the wrath rained down on Paul Ryan over the GOP’s Obamacare repeal effort,” according to Politico.

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By Mike Elk

Greetings from Goshen, Ky., where Payday Senior Labor Reporter Mike Elk has been recovering from yet another bout of Hay Fever.  

Virginia Governor’s Race Seen as Proxy Battle Over Southern Democratic Party

 On June 13, Democratic voters in Virginia will head to the polls to choose their candidate to take on the Republican’s nominee in November.


Kentucky Democratic Party

Governor Matt Bevin seems to have a big problem: cronyism.

While Republicans in Frankfort are busy attacking public school and health care funding, Bevin is using your tax dollars to give his friends jobs they aren’t qualified for in roles that Kentucky doesn't need. 

Earlier this month, Bevin hired Daniel Dumas as his adoption and foster care “czar,” despite having no professional experience in the field. 

He’ll get paid $240,000 a year - plus bonuses.