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There’s no doubt that Republican control is hurting Kentucky. Republicans have fought to lower wages and safety with right-to-work and the repeal of prevailing wage, drain funding from public education with charter schools, dismantle Kynect and kick Kentuckians off healthcare. But they’re not finished yet.

Below is the obituary and arrangements for Kentucky State AFL-CIO Executive Board Member, Leonard Douglas’s Sister, Lula “Ava” Klein.  Please keep Leonard and his family in your thoughts and prayers.  

The AFL-CIO Organizing Institute will host a 3-Day Basic Organizing Skills training in Louisville May 19-21. The training will be held at the IBEW Local 369 union hall, located at 4315 Preston Hwy.

Space is limited and the deadline is Friday.

The purpose of the Organizing Institute is to train member activists and member organizers in basic organizing skills. If you are looking to train member activists to work on internal or external organizing campaigns, we encourage you to send your members to the training.


AFT Local 1360

First District Congressman James Comer, R-Tompkinsville, seems set to support the reincarnation of the GOP’s American Health Care Act.

He was all in for the first one, even riding with President Trump on Air Force One to tout the bill at a rally in Louisville.

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Seated around a table in the dimly lit auditorium of Atlanta-based nonprofit Project South last weekend, two dozen union activists of all ages and races were trying to solve a problem – one that has vexed the southern states for a generation.


FRANKFORT—The 2017 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly remains now only in memories, yellowed newspaper clippings, history books, and new and amended statutes. Even though this was a “short (odd-year) session,” we vetted many bills – many of which made it through the process to become law.

Despite overwhelming public opposition to their plans to repeal health care, Republicans are continuing their relentless quest to abolish the Affordable Care Act. Now make matters worse the current Republican proposal, known as the MacArthur amendment, exempts members of Congress from the changes in health care coverage!