AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler and Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre were among millions of Amerians who donned special glasses to view Monday's rare total ecl


AFT Local 1360

The skies darkened right on cue at 1:22.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Want more proof -- as if more proof were required--that Kentucky needs the new Republican "right to work" law like a fish needs a bicycle? Read this article from The Lane Report. Louisville has more union workers than any city in Kentucky. The Falls City earned the number one ranking before the RTW law was passed. We thank Bill Londrigan for sharing this story with us.

We thank Bill Londrigan for forwarding us this from Michael Migiel-Schwartz 

.... I’m reaching back out on behalf of the Nissan workers in Canton, MS, who will soon vote on joining the United Auto Workers. We called on you to support them before, and we hope you will do so again.

The return of ailing Sen. John McCain suggests the Senate leader may have a plan for reviving Obamacare repeal.


WASHINGTON ― The GOP health care bill is not dead ― at least not officially.

Support from Bernie Sanders and Danny Glover helped provide momentum to a campaign ‘about overcoming the effects of slavery’

By MIKE ELK, Payday Report

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“I’ve never seen a labor campaign of this size,” says the civil rights movement veteran Frank Figgers. “This is a historic struggle about overcoming the effects of slavery in Mississippi.”

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I want to clarify and expand on something I noted yesterday. The President stands accused, now with a mounting array of evidence, of conspiring with a hostile foreign power to win the Presidency. He has now made clear that he will not permit any investigation of those accusations.


Thanks to Jeff Wiggins for sending us this story.

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. — Five years ago, the Affordable Care Act had yet to begin its expansion of health insurance to millions of Americans, but Jeff Brahin was already stewing about it.

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Ahead of the election at Nissan, UAW President Dennis Williams told reporters at a news conference in Detroit that he feels confident that the union will win the vote at Nissan. He told reporters that if the vote was held now that he feels the UAW could win.

However, he added that things could change as Nissan attempts to dissuade workers.