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Happy Turkey Day.

AFGE-led coalition calls on Congress to reject proposed legislation that would cause the dismantling of the nation’s largest health care system


AFT Local 1360

A small church in rural western Kentucky mailed out a flyer with an article titled "5 Suggestions for a Better Life."   

Christians are supposed to be happy folk. So a local Democratic activist did a double-take when she read Point 5--"How to be Miserable." Okay, it really wasn't a how-to. It described miserable behavior. 

She read the article and posted it on her Facebook page with a question, "Anyone else think this describes Trump to a tee????" 

Judge for yourself.

What We Know About Governor Bevin’s Proposed Pension Changes

The only information regarding the proposed changes to Kentucky’s public employee pension plans released by the Governor were a number of very general talking points.  Until we have the language of an actual bill, we cannot answer many specific questions.

What we do know or can conclude from the released talking points is the Governor’s plan would...


AFT Local 1360

State senate President Robert Stivers, R-Manchester, might wish he'd borrowed a NASCAR driver's fire suit for a recent public pension forum in Barbourville, the Knox County seat. 

Matt Bevin keeps using the word "promise," but we don’t think he knows what it means.


AFT Local 1360

Millionaire Matt Bevin and most Republicans these days operate on a simple philosophy: I've got mine and to heck with you. 

The governor's pension plan is bad for public employees and for retirees. But it's worse for most new hires because it forces them into a risky 401(k) plan. Thus, they lose the security and peace-of-mind provided by traditional defined benefit plans.

Talking points on pension system

Some facts about other states that considered and/or switched to 401(k)-style plans and came back. 

• In Minnesota, a 2011 study estimated a transition to a 401(k)-style plan would cost the state $2.8 billion.

• The New Hampshire Retirement System in 2012 found that closing its defined benefit plan to new hires would likely lead to more conservative investments and lower returns and increase the state's unfunded liability by an additional $1.2 billion.

Governor Bevin released his proposed framework for fixing Kentucky's pension crisis today, and the plan isn't good. When compared to our current pension system, this plan will either immediately or eventually harm every teacher, active, retired, and future.