I proudly stand with and support the union and union families. My father was a union shop steward and when he dropped dead unexpectedly, the only thing we had to help my mother and the family was the union's generosity in making sure our bills were paid. I have stood with unions in the past and I have now stood several times with the UAW currently down in Bowling Green.  Unions mean the world to me and I will always fight for and with them. -- Robert Haley Conway

I am running because I feel a calling to give back and help the people around me. For years, my father worked as a union organizer. When I was 12, we spent the summer in Harlan County as he helped organize the strike against Brookside Mine. For a girl on the edge of adolescence, that summer forever shaped my worldview. Rallies, speeches, songs, and whizzing bullets all taught me that helping people is worth the fight. Working together, discussing serious issues, taking a stand, and using your talents are powerful tools, and can be used effectively in improving the lives of others.

I'm running because the new House majority in Kentucky has shown that its priorities are with their donors, and not with every day Kentuckians. I support public education, funding public pensions, fighting the heroin epidemic, equitable tax reform, and strengthening the working class. I come from a working class family. My great grandfather was a member of the United Mine Wokers of America. -- Josh Blair

"I’ll be a governor who respects and listens to workers, while also fighting for policies that make it easier for them to get ahead. While Matt Bevin looks out for his special interest donors, I care about expanding access to affordable health care for our families and making sure workers have the training and skills they need to earn a good living. I'll make sure my labor cabinet secretary is a card-carrying union member, and I look forward to working side-by-side with workers and labor unions across the commonwealth." -- Andy Beshear

"As a public school educator in rural Kentucky, I know how vital unions are to protecting workers. Andy Beshear and I are committed to working with organized labor to enact policies that support working families by making health care more affordable and creating more good-paying jobs. Kentucky workers will always have a seat at the table in a Beshear/Coleman administration." -- Jacqueline Coleman

"Both of my grandfathers were UMWA coal miners who told me, at a young age, stories of how the union allowed them to earn a living wage, raise their families and educate their children in a way that they never would have before the union came to eastern Kentucky. I always remembered those lessons and one of the proudest parts of my career in public service for over thirty years is that I have maintained a 100 percent voting record for the men and women of organized labor." -- Greg Stumbo.

"I am so grateful to have the support of organized labor. As someone who comes from a union family, I know the value that comes with membership. I look forward to continuing my support of working families and the unions that represent them." -- Heather French Henry

"Organized labor has been a consistent, strong voice for working-class
families. It’s an honor to have their backing, and I will strive to live up
to their example in protecting Kentucky families." -- Sheri Donahue

"I’m the son of a 40-year union member who raised his family to understand that organized labor is what kept a solid roof over our head and food on our table. I’m proud to have worked to support union principles in my time in government like fighting to increase wages and protect pensions. This campaign is about keeping those promises and bringing accountability, transparency, and trust back to Frankfort." -- Michael Bowman