From the Beshear-Coleman campaign: Beshear Weighs In on Bevin's Pattern of Out-Of-State Travel on Taxpayer-Funded Plane

Andy Beshear is taking to social media to weigh in on the new Courier-Journal report that Matt Bevin "won't disclose" the "purpose of out-of-state trips" on a state-owned plane, adding:

"Asked about the purpose of that trip to Atlanta — in addition to half a dozen other out-of-state trips where the plane was used this summer —  spokespersons for the governor's office and Bevin's campaign declined to comment."

Andy Beshear, who spent today in Bowling Green discussing his plan to raise pay for Kentucky teachers, slammed Bevin on social media:

"Wonder how many teachers could get a raise if Matt Bevin just reimbursed the state for his taxpayer-funded vacations. (and fired Charles Grindle, while we’re at it.)"