From the Beshear-Coleman campaign: Bevin Goes Silent After Blatantly Lying to Kentuckians About What He’s Said (Even Though It’s On Tape)

In case you missed it, Andy Beshear called out Matt Bevin on social media in a video for flatly denying false and unhinged comments he’s made during Saturday’s debate - even though they’re on tape. WHAS 11 reported: "Bevin denies linking casinos and suicides; tapes prove otherwise.” 

Andy said: “In last night's debate, Matt Bevin tried to say with absolute certainty that he never made his false and erratic claim that someone commits suicide in a casino every night. @MattBevin, you asked for the tape, so we found it for you… Instead of misleading, we have a commonsense plan to expand gaming & direct 100% of the new revenue to fund pensions for public servants. Bevin’s false claims are insulting, just like when he said teachers caused sexual assault or that he’s never tried to slash health care for people with pre-existing conditions. Kentuckians deserve a governor who respects them enough to not deny the very things they've said.” 

Here’s how Bevin has been on the run:

“Bevin left the debate without speaking to the media.” - Michon Lindstrom, Spectrum News

“No word from the governor’s campaign on the backlash.” - Phillip Bailey, Louisville Courier-Journal

“Bevin didn't share a response..." - WHAS 11

Bevin’s campaign did not immediately respond to an email and a text seeking comments.” - Associated Press