Bevin's big problem: cronyism


Kentucky Democratic Party

Governor Matt Bevin seems to have a big problem: cronyism.

While Republicans in Frankfort are busy attacking public school and health care funding, Bevin is using your tax dollars to give his friends jobs they aren’t qualified for in roles that Kentucky doesn't need. 

Earlier this month, Bevin hired Daniel Dumas as his adoption and foster care “czar,” despite having no professional experience in the field. 

He’ll get paid $240,000 a year - plus bonuses. 

This week, Bevin created a new position to improve the state’s workforce strategies. But, Kentucky already has an Economic Development Secretary AND an Education and Workforce Development Cabinet. He gave that job to his long-time friend and political supporter, Vivek Sarin. 

He’ll get paid $250,000 a year for a redundant job. 

Oh, and by the way, apparently no one else was interviewed for either of these jobs. The only people who were considered were Bevin's friends. 

Kentucky Republicans keep saying that they're trying to balance the budget, yet they have no problem supporting these unnecessary, wasteful appointments. While they continue to make hurtful cuts to programs that help our state, we’re going to keep fighting for hardworking Kentuckians every day.