Biden and McGrath say, 'Union, yes'; Trump and McConnell say, 'Union, no.'


AFT Local 1360

What’s the word you don’t hear when President Donald Trump and Sen. Mitch McConnell talk jobs?


Joe Biden wants Trump’s job; Amy McGrath wants McConnell’s. Biden and McGrath know union-won wages and benefits largely built the middle class.

Hence, they talk up union jobs.

The two Democrats practice what they preach. Their staffers pack union cards—McGrath’s belong to Louisville IBEW Local 369. The staffs of Republicans Trump and McConnell are non-union.

Oh, Trump promised jobs and pro-worker policies on the campaign trail four years ago. He delivered lavish tax cuts for the rich, tax crumbs for the rest of us, and bare-knucks union busting with McConnell as his chief enabler on Capitol Hill.

 Biden sizes up the 2020 campaign as “between Scranton [his hometown] and Park Avenue.” He adds, “Guys like Trump who inherited everything and squandered what they inherited are the people that I’ve always had a problem with, not the people who are busting their neck.”

Unions have no place in the Trump-McConnell economy. When they tout “free enterprise,” they mean union-free; thus, the national AFL-CIO endorsed Biden for President and McGrath for the Senate.

Trump and McConnell are for anything that makes it harder for workers to organize and bargain collectively. They support the so-called “right to work,” one of the oldest anti-union tools around.

McConnell is on board with Trump’s tilting the NLRB sharply away from unions and steeply toward management, his pulling the teeth of OSHA and his turning the Labor Department into the Anti-Labor Department--a reprise of what it was under Elaine Chao, McConnell’s wife.

“A union member voting for Ronald Reagan would be like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders,” warned a sign in a Paducah union hall in 1980.

If that sign survives, it might be resurrected with “Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell” painted over “Ronald Regan.”

Or somebody could paint a new sign reading, “Dump Trump and Ditch Mitch.”