From CN2: Rep. Richard Heath, R-Mayfield, making calls to reinstate Rep. Hoover as House speaker


Even though Rep. Jeff Hoover, R-Jamestown, resigned as speaker of the House of Representatives on Nov. 5in front of television cameras the state Constitution may have a different view of his ability to resign outside of a session, and according to some members of the the General Assembly Rep. Hoover is still speaker.

Multiple members of the General Assembly have confirmed to Pure Politics that phone calls are being made among the Republican House caucus members by Rep. Richard Heath, R-Mayfield, in an effort to reinstate Hoover as speaker, a position he gave up less than a year into the role amid reports of a secret sexual harassment settlement with a House staffer.

Heath confirmed that he has been making the calls the last two-weeks in an effort to reinstate Hoover, who he says officially is still speaker. The state Constitution, according to Heath and others looking into the matter, calls for Hoover to officially resign the post to the body when it’s in session — a step that has not taken place — and thus, Hoover would technically still be speaker. Still, Heath is testing the waters for a return to leadership by Hoover.

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