From Daily Kos: Medicare therapy in Long Term Care--Know the Facts

EDITOR'S NOTE: Leslie McColgin is a good friend and ally of organized labor in western Kentucky, where she lives. We thought this informationis valuable to our many retired members who are on Medicare.

 By Leslie in KY

I read a diary on the Community Spotlight list yesterday titled How Is This Not A Campaign Issue? that described what is an all-too common occurrence under the new Medicare payment rules.  The diarist wrote that their elderly mother was being denied care:

I was just told by the physical therapist that, starting Jan. 1, 2020 the budget for Medicare reimbursement for physical therapy has been cut significantly. In practical terms, this means that instead of eight weeks of therapy she will only get four weeks.

What the diarist and possibly the therapist do not know, is that this information is grossly incorrect.  So let’s get to the facts.

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