From Daily Kos: Stop Trump from stealing our money: Keep the overtime pay rule

After years of advocating for fair labor and pay policy, President Obama backed a rule in 2016 to restore overtime protections. This rule would have ensured nearly 5 million people to be considered eligible for overtime pay, and protected overtime wages for an additional 7.6 million workers. Now, the Trump administration is trying to obliterate those gains and revise the overtime rule.

Send a letter now and demand the Department of Labor to maintain the overtime pay rule. 

Billionaire Trump and his secretary of labor think that the overtime rule is too generous, even going as far as considering opportunities to deny hard-working Americans their fair pay raises. This is unacceptable.

Last year’s overtime rule was authorized after much back and forth between stakeholders and advocates, and approximately 300,000 public comments were submitted. American workers deserve fair pay for their labor, not just whatever money-hungry Republicans want to dole out. That’s why we’re working alongside our coalition partners to put pressure on the Department of Labor and championing workers’ rights to be paid the wages they deserve.

Send a letter now and demand the Department of Labor to keep the overtime pay rule and grant Americans the money they’ve earned.


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