Democrats hitting UAW picket lines; no surprise, Republicans aren't


AFT Local 1360

"Which side are you on?" is one of the best known union songs.

The UAW strike at GM is more proof--as if it were needed--that Democrats are a whole lot more likely to side with unions than Republicans are.    

But on Monday, Ford workers from UAW Local 862 in Louisville are expected to board a bus for Bowling Green to show solidarity with Local 2164. Sen. Mitch McConnell is from Louisville, but he won't be on the bus.

“Let’s be clear, unions built America’s middle class and unions will rebuild America’s middle class," said Warren. “There’s only one reason we have a middle class, and it’s spelled ‘U-N-I-O-N,’” Biden said. Hogs will fly before Trump, Paul, McConnell, Guthrie and nearly every other Republican in Washington--and in Frankfort--say anything remotely like that. Time and again, they've shown whose side they're on. It's not ours.