From the Ditch Mitch Fund: McConnell up by only three over generic Democrat in new poll


AFT Local 1360

A new fund-raising email from the Ditch Mitch Fund says "our latest poll with Public Policy Polling shows that Mitch McConnell is leading by just THREE points against a Democratic challenger in Kentucky’s Senate race."

The spread is 45 to 42.

Ditch Mitch calls the survey "the biggest and most concrete evidence yet that we can defeat Mitch McConnell when he’s up for reelection next year and finally restore some sanity to the Senate."

The email says Ditch Mitch started "as a new, completely-grassroots organization that would be solely dedicated to taking on Mitch McConnell, holding him accountable, and supporting his future Democratic opponent in 2020. Since then, we’ve built a grassroots movement of over 26,000 donors...and together, we are becoming a force to reckon with."

The email cites a slew of reasons McConnell needs to lose his job: "Trying to gut Social Security and Medicare to pay for yet another tax cut for the wealthy. Constantly siding with the NRA, Big Oil, Wall Street, and Big Pharma. Politicizing our independent judiciary and enabling Donald Trump’s worst policies. And don’t even get us started on Merrick Garland and Brett Kavanaugh....Ready or not, Mitch. We're coming."

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