'Divide and scare' is Bevin's (and Trump/McConnell's) only hope to win


AFT Local 1360

"The nasty smears against Andy Beshear are running constantly," says a new fund-raising email from the Beshear-Coleman campaign. "They’re not true, and Matt Bevin knows this."

Bevin "doesn’t care," the email continues. "His only chance at winning is to divide and scare Kentuckians, regardless of the truth."

The email would work just as well for Bevin's soul-mates, Very Stable Genius and Moscow Mitch.

The nasty smears against Joe Biden (or any other Democrat) are running constantly. They’re not true, and Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell knows this.

VSG or Moscow Mitch doesn’t care. His only chance at winning is to divide and scare Americans, regardless of the truth.

Anyway, we just chipped in some more money to the Beshear campaign. We're saving up to contribute to the Democratic presidential and Kentucky U.S. Senate nominees next year. We're voting Blue, no matter who.