Forward Kentucky editorial: Teachers and other workers – Fight the race to the bottom!

It’s a familiar refrain to teachers and public employees:

  • “We sure would love to help you but you know the budgetary situation just won’t allow it.”
  • “I certainly do value the job teachers do, and rate education as a top priority, but times simply have been too tough.”
  • “You know, the economic policies we’re pursuing now are so effective that just hang in there, in a year or two we’ll no doubt be able to authorize impressive raises and get those healthcare premiums reigned back in.”

Comments such as these flow year after year from state politicians, especially in the many states controlled by Republican lawmakers. In the meantime, state employees continually endure meager or non-existent raises (which are actually pay cuts when you take inflation into account), as well as steadily degraded health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits. The kicker in all this is that it is unnecessary.

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