From Forward Kentucky: Pro-Trump, anti-union Yuengling comes to Kentucky

EDITOR'S NOTE: We thank Forward Kentucky for letting us cross-post this story.

Excited about Yuengling beer coming to Kentucky? Well, if you support unions, care about the environment, and can’t believe anyone would vote for Donald Trump, you may want to re-think your excitement.

The problem isn’t the beer itself, which has built a strong following. The problem is the ongoing actions of its leadership, which is one family: the Yuenglings.

Union-busting, right-to-work

Dick Yuengling, the billionaire owner of the brewery, has been anti-union for decades, beginning with his own company. In 2006, he gathered his workers and told them to “read between the lines” as he started pushing for so-called “right to work” laws for Pennsylvania, the home of the brewery.

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