From Forward Kentucky: Republicans seize Glenn absentee ballots

Glenn lawyer files motion; KDP issues statement

The Republicans on the Jim Glenn election challenge committee seized the absentee ballots from that election on Wednesday, using Kentucky State Troopers to remove them from the Daviess County Clerk’s office and transport them unsecured to Frankfort. The ballots are supposedly in the office of the House Clerk, although that has not been confirmed. The House Clerk serves under the direction of the Republican Speaker of the House, David Osborne.

This action was taken without the knowledge of the Democratic members of the committee, who learned of it during a meeting of the committee on Thursday.

State law requires that uncounted absentee ballots be kept in a locked box with three locks, with the keys to those locks being held by members of the local board of elections. In a picture taken by the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer, the ballots are sitting on a desk, held together by only a rubber band, and being examined by the chief deputy sheriff.

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