From The Huffington Post: Brett Kavanaugh Sided With A Union-Busting Employer After It Violated Workers’ Rights

Add it to the list of employer-friendly dissents penned by Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: We thank Holly Erwin for sending us this story.


When a New York manufacturer created a new, spinoff company to avoid bargaining with unionized workers, federal regulators and a panel of appellate judges said the manufacturer broke the law and violated its employees’ rights.

There was, however, one judge who dissented in the appeals decision and sided with the employer: Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court.

The decision fits a pattern of Kavanaugh’s in which the conservative judge has ruled in favor of corporations over workers, several times as the lone dissenter. If confirmed, the 53-year-old could potentially push the Supreme Court further to the right on labor and employment issues as unions and worker groups are already facing major judicial setbacks.

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