From The Huffington Post: Kentucky just made it harder for poor people to get healthcare

It’s what the Trump administration wants — and more states will likely follow.

Brad Bowman, Kentucky Democratic Party communications director, released this statement from KDP Chair Ben Self:  “The last thing we should be doing is removing access to health care — particularly in eastern and western Kentucky. Life can’t be your highest value only part of the time. Either you value life or you don’t. And Bevin has shown he doesn’t care about the lives of these nearly 100,000 Kentuckians. This waiver will surely cost us more in tax dollars with an uninsured population and this waiver not only lacks safeguards for the costs it creates, but it’s morally deficient.”


The Trump administration on Friday told Kentucky it can go ahead with its controversial Medicaid overhaul ― an initiative that would reduce benefits, require some beneficiaries to work, and generally make it more difficult for people to stay on the program.

Administration officials and their Kentucky counterparts have portrayed the plan as a way to improve the health of low-income residents and encourage self-sufficiency among poor but able-bodied adults. “The result will be a transformational improvement in the overall health of our people and will provide a model for other states to follow,” Matt Bevin, the state’s Republican governor, said at a press conference Friday.

But there’s scant evidence that Kentucky’s changes will have the effects that Bevin and his allies are promising. In fact, of the roughly 95,000 people expected to lose coverage, some will almost surely be people who are working ― or have reasons why they can’t work ― but who failed to satisfy the new system’s paperwork requirements.

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