Huffington Post: Trump’s Debate Hail Mary: Lie After Brazen, Incoherent Lie

Biden fought back with populism. The debate is unlikely to change a steady Biden lead.

Looking to turn around a trailing campaign, President Donald Trump dug deep, chilled out and threw a bunch of garbage at the wall, hoping at least some of it would stick. 

Trump opened Thursday night’s debate by falsely claiming a vaccine for COVID-19 was imminent, followed up by continuing to lie about his refusal to release his tax returns, then raised a series of nonsensical allegations about Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s son, and ended with a pack of mistruths about both his and Biden’s policy accomplishments and proposals.

Trump mostly abandoned the constant interruptions and abrasive style he deployed in the first debate, but continued with the falsehoods and exaggerations. His performance is likely to reassure some Republican political strategists who are fretting about a potential Democratic landslide.

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