ICYMI: KCEP op-ed: On tax day, let's celebrate what we build together with taxes

Kentucky Center for Economic Policy
“Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes.”
This common idiom, often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, but with roots tracing back decades prior, heaps the negative connotations of death onto the patriotic act of paying taxes. Though the comparison is weak, there is some truth to their interconnectedness.

Because the fact is, without taxes, our communities would die.

Local, state and federal taxes are what we all chip in to invest in the things that help us thrive together. Without taxes, we wouldn’t have a public education system, universities and community colleges, roads, sidewalks or parks. Without taxes, we wouldn’t have trained public health professionals to prevent and address disease outbreaks or safety net programs like unemployment insurance, health care and food assistance for families and communities facing hard times.

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