It's Remember in November day


AFT Local 1360

This is it.

Today's the day to prove that "Remember in November" wasn't just a catchy slogan on yard signs and bumperstickers. 

"Now it is time to bring this home for the sake of our commonwealth and country," state AFL-CIO President Bill Londrigan warned yesterday.  

Amen. And for the sake of your job and your livelihood. 

It might quicken your pace to the polls if you also remember another November. The one in 2016. 

We lost the state House, our last levee against a flood of anti-union legislation. We knew it would come. It did--with the power and suddenness of a tsunami.

January, 2017. Right to work. Done (But being challenged in the state Supreme Court). Prevailing wage repeal. Done. Charter schools. Done.

January-April, 2018. Gutting workers comp. Done. Tax breaks for the rich. Done. Pension "reform." Done (then undone by a judge and pending a state Supreme Court decision).

Jan. 8-March 29, 2019? Depends on today. Ask Liles Taylor, your state AFL-CIO political coordinator.

He warns that if Gov. Matt Bevin and the Republicans still command hefty House and Senate majorities tomorrow, come January, they'll keep rolling on their anti-union and pro-corporate agenda.


Ban Project Labor Agreements

Go after pensions again

Pass more tax cuts for the rich

Green light more state takeovers of local districts

And if Bevin is still governor and his party still runs the House and Senate in 2020, they'll redistrict the Democrats into oblivion. 

Okay, time to go vote.

Wait a sec. Remember one more November. The one in 2015. Matt Bevin got elected by less than 31 percent of eligible voters.   

Enough already. Off you go to the polls. Click here to see the candidates your Kentucky State AFL-CIO endorsed.