From KCEP: Governor's budget cuts education, eliminates some programs

Thanks to Bill Londrigan and Jeff Wiggins for sending us this.


Kentucky Center for Economic Progress

The governor’s proposed budget makes deep cuts to education, eliminates funding for 70 programs and makes cuts to a wide variety of services that have had funding reduced again and again over the last decade. It increases targeted funding for social workers, the criminal justice system and the rainy day fund. The budget does not include expensive level dollar funding for the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS), which would have required even deeper cuts.

Budget cuts education and eliminates funding for some services

The budget cuts funding for K-12 education by $198 million or 4.8 percent. Especially hard hit is funding for transportation under the SEEK (Support Education Excellence in Kentucky) formula, which is reduced by 62 percent from $226 million in 2018 to $87 million in 2019. This cut comprises $139 million of the overall Department of Education reduction. The state was already shifting the cost of transportation to local school districts, as shown in the graph below – a trend which will be exacerbated by the additional cuts. The real reduction in SEEK funding over time is widening the funding gap between rich and poor school districts, which is now almost at the level it was before passage of the Kentucky Education Reform Act in 1990.1

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