KDP is out with red 'Moscow Mitch' Christmas paper; it's on sale Black Friday


AFT Local 1360

The Kentucky Democratic party wasn't about to let Grinch McConnell steal Christmas with his new holiday wrapping paper.

"Gross, right?!" says the KDP's Kenny Colston in an email advertising KDP "Moscow Mitch" wrapping paper and ornaments. 

Added the Dems' digital director: "I don’t know about you, but I’ve had about enough of 'The Cult of Mitch' and all their arrogance, so we’ve decided anything Team Mitch can do, we can do better. So we made Moscow Mitch wrapping paper!" 

Colston claimed that response to the KDP's new line of McMerch has been "amazing...We’re so thankful for your support, we want to show it with a Black Friday deal just for you."

Anyway, on the day after Turkey Day, anybody who uses the coupon code:” MOSCOWMITCH” gets 15 percent off any item purchased on the KDP webstore.

The bright red gift paper features KDP's familiar Moscow Mitch logo: McConnell in a Russian-style fur hat with hammer-and-sickle insignia superimposed over a GOP elephant. 

In contrast, the Team Mitch paper is white and features the "greed-is-good," union-buster himself in a red Santa hat and a red and green holly bow. (All Grinch green is a more appropriate McConnellite hue.) 

A $25 donation to McConnell's reelection committee will get you a roll. The price seems a tad steep to me for  birdcage or cat litter box liner. The rolls are too wide, and the paper's too stiff for much use in the loo, too.