From the KDP: People's Movement-United We Stand rally set for the capitol Monday


Kentucky Democratic Party Communications Director 

State employees, teachers and retirees protested at the Capitol Friday effectively stalling a vote on the pension bill. 

Yesterday, Republican Senate President Robert Stivers boasted to the media “I've got the votes, or I wouldn't be putting it on the floor.”  Now, he must check his arrogance. 

In case you missed it, KDP was there broadcasting live on our Facebook page and standing shoulder to shoulder with stakeholders. We also posted on Twitter. 

Both Democrats from the House and Senate met with protesters showing their support. 

Monday, at 5 p.m. The People’s Movement - United We Stand” will rally on the Capitol steps in Frankfort. We will be there and urge anyone to attend that can. KY United We Stand is a grassroots group representing public employees and retirees. They are comprised of labor workers, teachers, retirees and state workers. 
The momentum is on our side and we must stand with them.