KDP says 'vaccinate' yourself against Matt Bevin


AFT Local 1360

The Kentucky Democratic Party wants to inoculate the state against its "diseased" governor. 

"In what seems to be a sad, but recurring theme, Matt Bevin opened his mouth recently and said something completely outrageous," wrote KDP Deputy Executive Director Marissa McNee in a fund-raising email. "In this case, he claims to have exposed his children to chickenpox instead of getting them vaccinated."

She said Bevin's move got her to thinking: "Vaccinations protect us from illness. What if we could vaccinate ourselves from another four years of Matt Bevin embarrassing our state?"

She said Kentuckians can help by chipping into the party's One Term Governor Fund.

"If we can get enough people to commit $10 a month, we will have the resources we need to beat Matt Bevin and rid ourselves of his diseased tenure as governor," McNee also wrote. "All it takes is a $10 a month recurring donation and we’ll handle the rest."

The email entreats folks to "join with others who have committed to a monthly donation to get rid of one of the worst governors in Kentucky history (and don’t forget to check the box to make the donation recurring)."

A quartet of Democrats is vying for a crack at Bevin, who is expected to best a pair of GOP primary opponents.

The Democratic hopefuls are House Minority Leader Rocky Adkins, Attorney Gen. Andy Beshear, former auditor Adam Edelen and Geoff Young.

The state AFL-CIO is staying neutral in the four-way scramble. But unions agree that Bevin is one of the most anti-union governors in Bluegrass State history.