From KEA President Stephanie Winkler: September is 'Public Pension Awareness Month'

WearRedPensionSeptember is Public Pension Awareness Month! This week we are asking all educators to wear red in solidarity for our bleeding pension systems. Make sure to post all your group and individual shots on social media using the #APensionIsAPromise 
1) Do you know what the inviolable contract is? Do you know what is not covered by the inviolable contract for teachers? Please read this information sheet and share with members.

2) Some of you may have seen ads or info from a group called "Save Our Pensions". Their website states, "Save Our Pensions is embarking on a campaign to educate the public about the consequences if we Kentuckians do not address our failing pension system and our massive unfunded liabilities," said Board Chair Karen Sellers. "Serious reform is needed now to save our pensions, to save education and to save health care in the Commonwealth.  It's critical that our state senators and representatives rise to the moment."  This group is not a part of the Kentucky Public Pension Coalition (KPPC).  KEA is a member of the KPPC.  Please be very diligent about assessing where to obtain pension information.

3) Click here to view this week's pension fact video. Make sure to share on your social media platforms and use the #APensionIsAPromise.