From the Kentucky Democratic Party: ICYMI: KY GOP AT WAR 5 WEEKS BEFORE PRIMARY

Frankfort, KY — With 40 days until his primary, Gov. Matt Bevin has thrown his party into a full-on civil war over his last-minute veto of a pension bill. Here’s what fellow Republicans are saying about the leader of their party, who faces several challengers in the May 21 primary:

Bevin’s response: Stivers is either a liar or doesn’t read legislation he votes for.

  • Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer felt a range of emotions toward Matt Bevin, expressing them in a radio interview:

 “I’m exasperated right now, I know all of our members are.”

“The veto was a ‘terrible decision’ by the governor

“Bevin is making the legislature his enemy.”

  • House member R. Travis Brenda: Matt Bevin changed the rules on us with veto

  • Senate Caucus Chair Julie Raque Adams likes a tweet saying no special session, despite governor’s call for one.

  • Bevin primary challenger Rep. Robert Gorforth says Matt Bevin simply cannot be trusted to fairly deal with pension reform.