Labor Youth Award recipient welcomes unions into the Democratic fold

Daniel Hurt of Grand Rivers, the 2017 Youth Labor Award winner, plugged unions in a recent guest appearance on "Berry Craig's Notebook," a cable TV talk show in Paducah. 

Hurt, the 24-year-old chair of the Livingston County Democratic party and one of the youngest members of the state party's central executive committee, talked about the future of his party and welcomed union support.

President of the West Kentucky Young Democrats, Hurt also was on the special committee that nominated the new party chair, Ben Self, whom the central committee confirmed. 

In 2014 and last year, Hurt was the campaign manager for AFL-CIO-endorsed state Reps. Gerald Watkins of Paducah and Will Coursey of Marshall County. They are the only two Democratic lawmakers from the Jackson Purchase, Kentucky's westernmost region, in the General Assembly.

Berry Craig, a member of AFT Local 1360, is the webmaster-editor for the Kentucky State AFL-CIO.   

Click here to see a YouTube video of the interview.