From the Lexington Herald-Leader: Rocky Adkins urges Eastern Kentuckians to ‘flip’ to Andy Beshear. Will they?

House Minority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins won Rowan County in last month’s Democratic primary election for governor with 89 percent of the vote. On Monday, he asked those voters to flip their support to the man who beat him statewide: Attorney General Andy Beshear.

“We need to flip that over,” Adkins told a crowd at the Fuzzy Duck coffee shop in Morehead Monday morning. “You know how to get that done. You’ve done it for me for years and years and years.”

Beshear, with Adkins by his side, spent the day touring Eastern Kentucky in hopes of winning over conservative-leaning Democrats who didn’t support him in the May 21 primary, when he won only 38 percent of the Democratic vote in a tough three-way race.

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