From The Louisville Courier-Journal: Kentucky Kingdom withdraws support for bill banning overtime pay for seasonal workers

Thanks to Liles Taylor and Tim Morris for sending us this.

Explained Morris, a spokesperson for the Greater Louisville Central Labor Council: "SB 35 would remove Kentucky's law for paying overtime to seasonal workers. GLCLC affiliates UAW 862, Teamsters 89, and Teamsters 783 each of whom have or would have done a large amount of business with Kentucky Kingdom sent letters to Kentucky Kingdom expressing concern and outrage over their support of this legislation. After discussions between union leaders and the President and CEO of Kentucky Kingdom they released a statement and removed their support for this legislation.... Unions fight for ALL working people whether they're union or not. Great work by the UAW 862, Teamsters 89, and Teamsters 783 for standing up and fighting for these seasonal workers."  

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Kentucky Kingdom withdrew its support Friday for a controversial measure that would allow seasonal businesses to avoid paying employees overtime, two days after a union threatened a wider boycott against the Louisville-based amusement park.

Ed Hart, president of Kentucky Kingdom, had testified in favor of Senate Bill 35, which narrowly passed through the state Senate last week. 

The company said it wouldn't be able to afford to pay those higher overtime wages due to its already-high pay for seasonal employees, who Hart said are paid well-above minimum wages. But his company announced it had reversed course in statement to Courier Journal.

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