From The Louisville Courier-Journal: Kentucky Republican withdraws challenge in House election lost by a vote

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Kentucky State AFL-CIO unanimously endorsed Glenn. Also, Marissa McNee of the Kentucky Democratic Party issued the following statement in a fund-raising email today: "Since November, Republicans have been trying to steal Rep. Glenn’s seat from him, a seat he won by one vote. This morning, those attempts finally ended when DJ Johnson accepted defeat. The takeaway is simple: when we fight back, we win. This won’t be the last bit of shenanigans from the GOP and helping Rep. Glenn fight back hasn’t been easy.  We need your support to help fight the next round of nonsense they throw at us.


FRANKFORT — Republican DJ Johnson on Friday morning withdrew his challenge of the 13th Kentucky House District election result.

Johnson's surprise announcement means that Democrat Jim Glenn, who won the November election by a single vote, will remain as the state representative for the district through the rest of the two-year term.

Johnson's announcement came at a meeting of a special House panel charged with reviewing the election. Part of that review was a recount that occurred on Saturday that changed the election result to a tie.

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