McGrath message to supporters: 'I’m not going anywhere'

This election didn’t end the way either of us hoped it would, but I want you to know this:

I am so proud of the campaign you and I ran together.

We did our best to focus on substance and talked about how to address our nation’s problems and challenges. We built a campaign centered on talking to all people in this district—not just the folks who vote for Democrats. And we built it the right way, with a whole bunch of supporters pitching in what you could, when you could.

Some might criticize my choice not to fight fire with fire when the other side lobbed attack ads at us. But this has never been a win-at-all-costs proposition for me. I got into this race because I believe that we have to bridge the partisan divides that seem to be widening in our country. We must demand a more civil tone and tenor to our politics. I believed then, and I believe right now, that the American people deserve so much better than the politics of personal destruction.

The incivility. The lies. The fake news. It needs to stop. This isn’t who we are as a country. Now we have to deal with lunatics who mail pipe bombs, and leaders who would rather blame the media, or the other side, than acknowledge what is happening.

None of this will stop until we have candidates and leaders who refuse to play to our fears and divide us.

That is why losing an election cannot slow us down.

I always knew that I, one person, couldn't solve everything that’s wrong with our politics. But together, we came awfully close. My opponent won his last two elections by 20% and 22%, respectively. This race was decided by about 3%.

And even though we didn’t prevail in the Sixth District on Tuesday, our message is resonating. All over the country, reasonable, patriotic Democrats are on the march—so much so that Congressman Barr woke up yesterday to learn his party will be in the minority come January.

The outcome of our race is disappointing, but I learned early on in the Marines that not every mission needs to go exactly as planned for it to be a success.

It is on all of us to keep fighting for a better future—a more civil dialogue. We all must remain engaged and not allow setbacks to be the reason to give up. I refuse to surrender to our current political climate.

I have no idea exactly what lies ahead, but I can promise you that I’m not going anywhere. No matter what form it takes, I’ll never stop fighting for my country.

Thank you for everything—I will never forget what you did for this first-time candidate.