The Misadventures of Moscow Mitch: McGrath: McConnell’s RNC Speech Divisive Fear Mongering

Since the RNC began, more Americans have died from COVID-19 than we lost to 9/11.

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- In a rebuttal speech released today, retired Marine Lt. Col. Amy McGrath said that in a time when Americans are looking to Washington for strong leadership to unite the country and get us through this crisis, what they got from Sen. Mitch McConnell’s Republican National Convention speech was the same divisiveness and political posturing we’ve heard for 36 years. 

“Like most of you, I’m tired of the fear mongering and half-truths meant to pit us against one another,” McGrath said. “And now during the single worst public health failure in the last 100 years, Kentuckians don’t want to hear partisan rhetoric. They want to know what our leaders will do to pull us out of this crisis and give them a fighting chance at a good life.”

For 36 years, McConnell has worked to defund education, strip working people of health care and block efforts to raise the minimum wage while voting six times to increase his own salary. In contrast, McGrath outlined a positive vision for Kentucky. She plans to make the American Dream possible for every person in the commonwealth. 

“We must invest in education to get our children into safe and healthy classrooms," McGrath said. "Every person in Kentucky should have health care they can afford. Our restaurants need aid, and our families need support to keep food on the table. Mitch isn’t going to change, but in November, Kentucky can make a change." 

Hear McGrath’s full rebuttal speech here