New video calls out union-buster Bevin


AFT Local 1360

David Gray might not consider himself a media star. 

But the Henderson-based IUOE Local 181 business manager is getting rave reviews in union ranks for a one-minute video in which he calls out GOP Gov. Matt Bevin for the union-buster he is. Gray urges viewers to vote for gubernatorial hopeful "Andy Beshear and the entire Democratic slate who've committed to fight for working people in Kentucky."

The Kentucky State AFL-CIO, including Local 181, endorsed the Democratic ticket. 

Click here to see the video.

Bevin's reelection "campaign slogan is we're just getting started," Gray says on camera. But what Bevin and the Bevinites "have started is attacking Kentucky workers," the veteran trade unionist adds.

"Matt Bevin and his legislative pals" have axed the prevailing wage and gone after the state unemployment insurance program, Gray also says. (Bevin and his buddies passed a "right to work" law, too.) 

"Matt Bevin has eliminated every organized labor representative from the apprenticeship and training council" and "wants to allow apprenticeship and training to be regulated by appointing non-union contractors," Gray says.

Bevin and his buddies have made it plain that their idea of "free enterprise" is free of unions, or as close to that as they can get.

Anyway, we've all heard it: "Rome wasn't built in a day." We won't be able to get rid of RTW and bring back PW until we get back the governorship and vote out the GOP's union-busting House and Senate majorities.

But we can start on the foundation Nov. 5.