From The New York Times: For Trump, Kavanaugh Is Midterm Bait

EDITOR'S NOTE: We like this quote from Sen. Chris Coons, a Delaware Democrat and one of organized labor's strongest supporters in Washington: If you don't like the ways that this new justice is going impact everything from reproductive rights and healthcare to pre-existing condition protections, to labor rights and voting rights, speak up, get active and vote.

By nominating Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the president gives his crowd what they want.


With the midterm cycle kicking into high gear, President Trump knows that he needs to remind his base of how much they need him — and a Republican Senate — to fulfill their dreams of reshaping the judiciary. And that means grabbing their attention and getting them fired up about the coming confirmation battle. And if there’s anything Mr. Trump knows how to do, it’s rile up his base.

Indeed, while profoundly unqualified and unsuited for the presidency in most ways, Mr. Trump does grasp the salesmanship part of the job. He is a born carnival barker, with a flair for hype and drama that would have wowed P.T. Barnum. And he understands that, for many in his base, this court pick is the main event — the primary reason they bought a ticket to his show.

And the big winner of this installment of The Apprentice: Supreme Court Edition is … Brett Kavanaugh, judge on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals and full-fledged creature of the conservative judicial establishment. Cue the standing ovation, please, and let the confirmation cage match begin.

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