'One last day. One final push.'

McGrath is the Kentucky State AFL-CIO endorsed candidate in the Sixth District. Click here to see all of our endorsed candidates.   


Today’s the day we’ve been waiting for since launching this campaign back in August 2017.

One last day. One final push before we cross the finish line.

This race is close—real close. The New York Times released a poll showing that it’s all tied up, with 10% of voters undecided and just hours to go. That means we need to keep working hard until the very last vote is cast.

So instead of being glued to cable news or nervously refreshing Facebook or Twitter, here are the two things you can do to help out today:

  1. Make sure your friends and family know how and where to vote. Share your story of voting on social media—and share all the important voter information at GoVoteKY.com.
  2. We could still use volunteers to remind voters to get to the polls in the final hours of this election. Find out how to plug in here.

Everything we’ve worked for together comes down to this day, this moment.

Thanks for being with me through it all.

Now, time to get back out there.