From Payday Report: EXCLUSIVE: AFGE Says Trump’s Union Busting Aimed at Minority Workers in Federal Government

EDITOR'S NOTE: Veteran Louisville labor and civil rights activist Augusta Thomas is AFGE national vice president for women and fair practices.


On Monday, the Trump Administration implemented new rules that would dramatically lower the legal threshold needed to fire unionized federal workers. At the same time as the rules are being weakened, the Trump Administration has moved to ban shop stewards from representing workers in disciplinary and grievance hearings.  

Now, in an exclusive interview with Payday Report, American Federation of Government Employees President J. David Cox says that the move is intended to target minorities.

“I have no doubt that the policies and actions of this administration disproportionality impact women and minorities,” says Cox. “The agencies that have been attacked most severely, agencies like HUD, EPA, SSA and the Department of Education not only provide the greatest amount of services to women and minorities, they also have very high percentages of women and minorities in their workforce.”

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