From St. Louis/Southern Illinois Labor Tribune: Midwest industrial workers demand Trump take action to save jobs he promised he would, but hasn’t

EDITOR'S NOTE: Chuck Jones will be a featured speaker at the Kentucky State AFL-CIO Convention set for Nov. 6-7 in Lexington.

By Mark Gruenberg
PAI Staff Writer

Washington (PAI) — As far as Chuck Jones is concerned, when Donald Trump talks about keeping good jobs in the U.S., he’s a liar.

And the same sentiments – though not in those same words – were shared by Chris Shelton, Robert James, Matt McCracken and more than 100 other workers who recently jammed a Capitol Hill hearing room. And they won’t change their minds unless and until Trump acts.

All Trump must do is issue an executive order banning federal contracts to firms that offshore and outsource U.S. jobs to gain ever-higher profits, they said. Offshoring in pursuit of dollars is what Carrier did, and GE, too. And so have dozens of other big federal contractors.

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