From Tammy Berlin via ActionNetwork: Take ACTION on Pensions before the Holiday!


We know you're looking forward to a long and restful weekend, but before you leave, please take a moment to call legislators about pensions: 1-800-372-7181.

It's possible that Governor Matt Bevin could call a special session early in December. A small group in Frankfort is developing a new, revised  pension-reform plan behind closed doors.  If a new bill is developed in time, an effort may be made to rush it through before January, leaving the public without adequate time to get a good look at it and engage policy makers.

But that doesn't have to happen.

Call the Legislative Call Number, (800) 372-7181. This time leave a message for ALL legislators, and tell them the following: "I want the State Legislature to allow for adequate time for regular people to review the new proposed pension plan. Please delay action on pensions until the regular session. Also, we need new forms of revenue before we decide on any pension reform."

It's as simple as that! We can save our pensions if we all work together. Thanks for all that you do!