Thank you from #OurJCPS

The #OurJCPS Coalition is grateful for a community that saw through the rhetoric out of Frankfort and with a unified voice spoke up for local control of Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS).  Thank you.  Over 13,000 signatures on our petition helped reshape the conversation and led to a change of direction in a process that many felt was a foregone conclusion.

An agreement between JCPS and the KY State Board of Education has been reached that has averted a takeover; but our work is not done.  We shaped the conversation with your help before and we need that unified voice to once again speak loudly for our children and our schools.

There are still many issues we have to engage on together to secure the path for our students’ success and the future of JCPS.  #OurJCPS has developed a comprehensive 11-point plan called A Better Way Forward for JCPS, that outlines what we want for our students, our schools, and our community. Our message is that we are serious about education, and we value the strength and investment that comes from YOU, our JCPS community.

We need your help and your voice to amplify the message we are sending to our neighbors, our educators, JCPS Board, and the KY State Board of Education.  Please read the 11-point plan and sign our petition for A Better Way Forward for JCPS.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, and watch our calendar of events for more opportunities to become engaged in helping us win the fight for schools our students deserve in our community.