From Vox: President Trump condemns Charlottesville violence in vaguest possible terms

So vague that white supremacists disagree about whether he was trying to criticize them, or the left.


President Donald Trump tweeted a condemnation of the violence at white-nationalist rallies in Charlottesville over the weekend — without explicitly identifying who was to blame.

President Trump, who is on a “working vacation” at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, didn’t say anything about the rallies until Saturday afternoon. The tweet came after counter-protesters were assaulted Friday night at a torchlit march that featured Nazi slogans; clashes that erupted between rallygoers and counter-protesters on Saturday morning; and after Charlottesville police dispersed the rally from its original location minutes after the scheduled start time.

For some, that 14-hour silence was notable — especially because Trump has immediately leapt to comment on outbreaks of violence outside the US that are perpetrated by Islamist terrorists. (And while the president is nominally on “vacation,” he hasn’t let vacation get in the way of his Twitter use when it comes to threatening military action against North Korea or ragging on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.)

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