From The Washington Post: Examples are piling up of President Trump’s condescension toward parts of his base


While president Trump's approval ratings are pretty low in general, he remains popular with some of the demographic groups who sent him to the White House. He's rewarded them by emphasizing issues that get them fired up: immigration and patriotism, to name a few.

But you always hurt the ones you love the most, as the old saying goes. And several recent comments suggest the president holds some condescending views about the people who carried him to victory, and that he questions whether even their loyalty is sufficient.

At a rally Thursday in Montana, a state that he won by 20 points in 2016, Trump, whose scandal-ridden presidency dominates news headlines, suggested that if he is impeached — something that some Democratic lawmakers have advocated — it would not be due to his actions or those of his administration, but instead his supporters would be the ones to blame.

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