The following is a statement by Colmon Elridge, Chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party: 

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Webinar:  Thur., Sep. 23, 2021, 9 PM EDT – 10:30 PM EDT

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For nearly a month now, hundreds of Nabisco employees in five states have been on strike.

As workers, we have a lot to celebrate on Labor Day. Through unions and collective bargaining, we won workplace protections, higher wages, weekends and an eight-hour workday. And we’re still working to build a stronger, fairer America.


EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was published on Sept. 3

Despite what it says, the GOP is the party of capital, not labor.



Chair, Democratic National Committee

Growing up in Orangeburg, South Carolina, much of my childhood was spent just trying to get by. My grandmother picked cotton. My grandfather paved roads. They rose before the sun, two of the millions of American workers doing whatever they could to put food on the table and provide for their families.

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One hundred and eighty years ago, the fugitive from slavery who outran bloodhounds, swam rivers, and hunkered down in the dark cellars of the underground railroad in the hope of reaching a welcoming community in Detroit, Toronto, or Boston instinctively understood both dimensions of freedom.


Gallup’s annual pre-Labor Day poll on approval of unions is out, and unions hit their highest level since 1965. Sixty-eight percent of people told the pollster they approve of unions. In 1965, 71% said they approved.