EDITOR'S NOTE: McGrath is the Kentucky State AFl-CIO endorsed candidate for the US Senate.

By AMY McGrath

EDITOR'S NOTE: This might turn out to be a lost weekend for Mitch McConnell. Fire Mitch, Save America is out with a fund-raising email quoting Amy McGrath, his Democratic opponent, dinging him for dismissing the Senate. 

Amy McGrath is calling Mitch OUT:

Thanks to Todd Johnson for sending us this.


At a time when the number of COVID-19 virus cases and deaths are rising dramatically across Kentucky, it is embarrassing and destructive for Republican politicians like Matt Castlen, Robbie Mills to try and use the pandemic to deceive the public and score political points. Their Op-Ed published last month is filled with inaccuracies and out-right lies.


AFT Local 1360

Let ‘em eat cake, Sen. McConnell?

EDITOR'S NOTE: KDP Statement on McGrath Campaign Voter Registration Initiative

As part of her ongoing efforts to expand voting access, retired Marine Lt. Col. Amy McGrath is kicking off her voter registration initiative Saturday, Aug. 1 as part of a statewide tour. McGrath will join leaders and advocates in Lexington, Louisville, Hopkinsville and Owensboro to register voters Aug. 1.

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Upon the release of the GDP numbers that showed the worst drop ever in one quarter for the United States economy, retired Marine Lt. Col. Amy McGrath called on Mitch McConnell to commit to taking much more significant action to help the economy and Kentuckians. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Click here to read: No, unemployment benefits do not discourage work, a Boston Globe editorial; and here to read from Business Insider: The $600 unemployment bonuses did not lead to people working less, Yale study shows.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Click here to see video coverage of the action.


AFT Local 1360

A Thursday rain shower failed to stay about 50 union men, women and family members from their appointed rounds outside Sen. Mitch McConnell's Fort Wright field office.