Frankfort, KY — With 40 days until his primary, Gov. Matt Bevin has thrown his party into a full-on civil war over his last-minute veto of a pension bill. Here’s what fellow Republicans are saying about the leader of their party, who faces several challengers in the May 21 primary:

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Amazon and DHS contract pilots from Teamsters Local Union No. 1224 march in an informational picket to raise concerns about stalled contract negotiations and operation concerns at ATSG holding companies subsidiaries and Atlas World Wide Holdings on Thursday, April 11m 2019, in Florence, Ky.

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FRANKFORT — An upbeat Gov. Matt Bevin said the special pension session he plans to call need only be a simple, one-day affair.

Legislative leaders aren't convinced.

The following is a statement from Nicole Erwin, Kentucky Democratic Party Spokesperson, regarding the Labor Cabinet’s subpoenas for names of teachers who called in sick during the legislative session.

Matt Bevin has proven he has no guiding ethical principles when it comes to undermining the rights of those he disagrees with, and we are not surprised by his latest actions. Educators have not and will not fall victim to threats and intimidation no matter where it comes from. Whether it’s Commissioner Lewis or his Labor Cabinet doing his bidding, the governor’s petty political maneuvers will not deter KEA and our members from our mission to advocate for a quality education for every child in Kentucky.


FRANKFORT — The state government lawyer hearing the case to set the property tax value of Gov. Matt Bevin’s Anchorage mansion was appointed to his job by Bevin and was a donor to his 2015 gubernatorial campaign.

As hearing officer in the case, Patrick Flannery will consider evidence and procedural motions, preside over any hearings and recommend orders to the three-member Kentucky Claims Commission that will set a value on the Bevin house in the hotly contested and high-profile case.

The following is a statement from Marisa McNee, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson, regarding the governor’s call for another costly special session:

Frankfort, KY — “Once again, Kentucky Republicans want to get paid extra for work they should have already done — costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.”